Prambanan Temple Ruins of Prambanan Smaller Temples Candi Lara Jonggrang

Brahma Temple

Prambanan, the complex of temples was built at about the same time as the nearby Borobudur. The 9th century was the era when many Buddhist and Hindu structures arose side by side. Prambanan compound originally had 240 temples and shrines, just a few stand today, most are in ruins. These are consequences of several earthquakes which occurred in central Java, Indonesia. The main compound (Candi Lara Jonggrang) with the biggest buildings has been rebuilt. Standing today are sharp, sculptured towers of shrines dedicated to Shiva, Brahma and Vishu.

Brahma Bas-relief Hamsa Temple Brahma Temple Detail

Shiva Temple Nandi Temple Ramayana Relief

Candi Kalasan

Candi Kalasan is in close proximity to the Prambanan. It is a Buddhist temple built by the Hindu ruler in the 8th century. This fact may reflect a peaceful coexistence of two religions at that time. The building of the temple is only partially rebuilt and in very poor condition.

travel tip: Ramayana Ballet. The open-air stage theatre near the Prambanan temple is a place where Ramayana ballet is performed almost every night. Because of high quality of the performance this show should not be missed.