Temples in Sri Lanka

The majority of people living in Sri Lanka are Buddhists. This religion was introduced in 3rd century BC and has since played main role in the history of this island. Interesting is that many Buddhists here also worship Hindu deities. These are consequences of century’s long influence from the Indian subcontinent. The Buddhists temples that we have visited usually contained images or statues known in Hinduism.

Murals at Dowa Buddha`s Face Entrance to Image House

Small cave complex Dova Raja Maha Viharaya known as Dowa differs from other temples. This is because of 11 meters /38 ft tall standing Buddha image cut in low relief into the rock face. Unfortunately this granite boulder carving seems be neglected and is slowly disappearing.

Standing Buddha at Dowa

Dowa Temple White Stupa Buddhist Monks and Tuk-tuk

Nalanda Gedige Nalanda Gedige Entrance Buddhist Island

Nalanda Gedige was built in 8th century and is a mix of south Indian and traditional Sri Lankan architectures. This Buddhist temple contained Karma Sutra depictions. Due to centuries of weathering and vandalism only one erotic carving is left. It is thought generally that Nalada Temple is located at the geographical center of Sri Lanka.