Sri Lanka

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For a Westerner who travels to this country, negative experiences can leave only bad memories. Sri Lanka is densely populated country with over 100 years old infrastructure. Roads and railroads are mainly from the era when this island was called Ceylon and was governed by British. Public transportation is based on two-cycle motorized rickshaws (tuk-tuks) that rule the roads. It takes plenty of time to travel in Sri Lanka mainly due to bad roads conditions and very heavy traffic. No one should also consider this country as tropical beach destination; there are hundreds of places around the world with much nicer seashore. What is the reason to visit Sri Lanka? I would say that for people culturally aware and interested in Asia this can be a great experience. This country may show many similarities to its close neighbor India, but also differs from India a lot. Sri Lanka may be even better choice when considering your first travel to this part of the world

To tour Sri Lanka, the so-called independent travelers often hire cars with a driver. I personally do not like to be escorted throughout the day. Therefore, I decided to rent a car at the airport and sit myself behind the wheel. That requires a bit of caution on the road, but makes you completely independent. Driving a car in Sri Lanka is very similar as in the whole of Southeast Asia: cows, elephants, and people walking on the roads, hundreds of scoters and rickshaw riding in virtually every direction and constantly forcing the precedence on the road, and buses always stopping in unpredictable places.

Capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo is hopelessly uninteresting town and staying there is simply a waste of time. During our trip, we visited the historical places like Kandy, Dambulla and the old colonial town of Galle. Sri Lanka is also an excellent place where you can see monkeys and elephants.

travel tip: Pens. When going to Sri Lanka bring many pens with you. Children often ask if you have one. It is a very quick way to make new friends.