Balinese Culture

Gamelan Orchestra Balinese Musicians Balinese Gongs

There are plenty Hindu festivals in Bali. When traveling around this Indonesian island it is not difficult to find a temple where celebration takes place. The religious feasts last for at least one full day. In some cases, the celebration can last for three, sometimes even seven days or longer, depending on the importance of the occasion. The shrines are dressed with umbrellas, long flags and pieces of multicolored fabrics. Finely dressed Balinese people bring flower and food offerings to the temple. They pray to the gods and march in the colorful processions accompanied by gamelan orchestra playing drums, metallophones and gongs.

Balinese Boys

Canang (Traditional Offerings) Inside Village Temple Women Carring Temple Offerings

Temple Procession Village Temple Entrance Woman with Offerings on her Head

Food Offerings at the Temple Woman with Basket on her Head Temple Offerings