Monkeys & Elephants

Monkey with a Baby Group of Macaque Sitting on a Pole

Monkeys on the Road

Monkeys are widespread in Sri Lanka, living in groups among the trees in the forest, but also are present at some of the Buddhist temples. They are usually not aggressive and some of them have learned how to beg visitors for food or how to steal, from the unsuspecting tourist.

Female Elephant with Calf Asian Elephant Elephants on the Shore

It is not uncommon to see an elephant on the side of the road, with a bundle of coconut leaves in its mouth. Elephants are still used for work in Sri Lanka, mainly in rural areas. These huge and majestic animals have always played an important role in Sri Lanka’s history and even today are main attractions of Religious Festivals. Some elephants considered as royal are the most cherished and still play the most important roles like carrying a sacred tooth relic of Buddha during grand festival of Esala in Kandy.

The best and the easiest place for tourists to see these beautiful animals are elephant orphanages, homes to retired and orphaned elephants.

Elephants in River Baby Elephant Bathing Elephants` Bath

Long Tusks Calf Feeding