Kayaking in Alif Dhaal Atoll Deck Chairs and Parasol

Water City Deck Chairs over the Pool Heron at Sunrise

A Hammock and Thatched Umbrellas

Rangalifinolhu Island (land area 0.2 km2 / 0.08 sq miles) in the Maldives belongs to the same resort as neighbor Rangali Island. Both islands are connected by 500 meter long foot bridge. Just of the shore of Rangalifinolhu located is underwater restaurant Ithaa. Seaplane flight is the only way for guests to reach this island.

Water Jar in the Maldives Path Over the Water Small Boat Between Islands

Woman Washed by Tide Gentle Waves Looking Out at the Ocean

Shore on Rangalifinolhu Blue Swimming Pool Red Seaplane

Inside Beach Villa Exotic Bathroom Outdoor Shower

Wine Bar on Sand Conrad Reception Desk Villa Entrance