Tropical Paradise

Two Beach Chairs Resort Area Sun Disk and Bungalows

What is actually a tropical paradise? This term is often used by travel agents to describe mostly beach destinations. Are Tahiti, Moorea and Society Islands more beautiful than other places around the world? This is just a personal point of view. Tahiti has always had a reputation as the island of unfettered carnal pleasures. Warm tropical climate, different when compared to Christianity cultural behavior of women in ancient Tahitians society stimulated wide spread opinion that partially survived to modern times.

Sunrise in Moorea Water and Bungalows

By the Water By the Lagoon Water Entrance

" Most of our ship’s company procured temporary wives amongst the natives, with whom they occasionally cohabited; an indulgence which even many reputed virtuous Europeans allow themselves, in uncivilized parts of the world, with impunity; as if a change of place altered the moral turpitude of fornications; and what is a sin in Europe, is only a simple innocent gratification in America; which is to suppose that the obligation to chastity is local, and restricted only to particular parts of the globe."

Sydney Parkinson about Tahiti, 1769

Couples at Sunset

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