Kanak Culture

Kanak Carving Kanak Hut in Gadji Statue of Jesus

With almost 40% of New Caledonian population that is of European descent traditional Melanesian culture is slowly disappearing. French government supports "western" style of living that is based on consumption of goods and commerce, so unfamiliar to people of the Pacific. The first whale hunters arrived, bringing the unknown diseases. Then missionaries came and destroyed almost all the native artifacts, eradicated local practices and traditions. Later came settlers and took their land. Kanaks, native people of New Caledonia are loosing their identity. The only chance for Kanak culture to survive is in their greater autonomy, in country that they will probably call Kanaky.

St Maurice Bay Carvings #1 St Maurice Bay Carvings #2 Kanak Hut #2

Kanak Hut #1 Church in Vao