Villager from Tanna Small Nambas Man Kastom Dances #8

Boy from Tanna Small Nambas Woman Drink Kava!

Native people of Vanuatu call themselves Ni-Vanuatu what literally means "of Vanuatu". During our stay we walked through many villages in this South Pacific country and always were welcomed with smiles. It was not unusual when Villagers approached us, introduced themselves and shook hands with us. They always wanted to talk and never asked for anything. In "western world" categories Ni-Vanuatu are extremely poor people mostly unemployed. Reality of their world is different. They are self-efficient; they do not need to be employed by someone. Ni-Vanuatu can live and actually do live without money and they are happy in their lives.

Small Nambas Girl

Woman from Pankumo Our New Friends Tanna Villagers

Boys from Pankumo Boys from Tanna Port Vila`s Waterfront #3

Laura, Our Guide Woman from Rano Chief from Pankumo