Mount Yasur

Mount Yasur Volcano Yasur Eruption #5 Lunar Landscape

Yasur Eruption #3

Mount Yasur on Tanna Island, Vanuatu is a constantly active volcano. Every few minutes a blast sends massive melted lava rocks high into the sky. The noise is so loud, that it is heard in far distance from the mountain. Our approach was through a grey lunar looking landscape. Walking on an ash plain, we passed rocks that not long ago have been thrust from the bowels of the Earth. Volcanic cone is not high and relatively easily accessible. When finally we stood on the rim, vent was so close that everyone behaved with full respect to this strongest act of creation. One violent eruption after another, we listened, smelled and watched the gateway to hell that was opened in front of us.

Volcanic Cone Active Volcano Yasur Eruption #1

Yasur Eruption #2 Walking to Volcano Yasur Eruption #4

Roaring Yasur is a complete contrast to eruption of Kilauea in Hawaii; volcano that most of the time is absolutely mum.