Tahiti Island On the Water

Tahiti is the most populated island in the Society Islands and the whole French Polynesia. While driving around, what actually makes no sense by itself, I was not able to spot any nice locations, or even shore area without buildings. The island is too urbanized. Only the interior of Tahiti remains partially untouched and is still interesting.

Tahiti at Sunset Tahiti after the Sunset Still Water

" This morn early came to anchor in Port Royal [Matavai] Bay Before the anchor was down we were surrounded by large number of canoes who traded very quietly and civilly, for beads chiefly, in exchange for which they gave coconuts, breadfruit, both roasted and raw, small fish and apples ... As soon as the anchors were well down the boats were hoisted out and we all went ashore, where we were met by some hundreds of inhabitants whose faces at least gave evident signs that we were not unwelcome guests."

Sir Joseph Banks about Tahiti, 1769

Faarumai Waterfall #1 Faarumai Waterfall #2 The Pool by the Sea