Rano Raraku

Volcano Rano Raraku
Panorama composed of two images

Statue at Rano Raku #1 Collection of Moai #1 Collection of Moai #2

This place is the largest collection of moai on the island. Rano Raraku crater was the quarry where almost all the Easter Islandís statues were produced. There are many left incomplete in the rock face and countless are standing with the torso buried underground. From total almost 900 stone statues that were carved, 400 remain in and around Rano Raraku. Another 100 can be found abandoned along transit routes from the quarry to platforms located along the whole coast of Rapa Nui.

Abandoned Moai

The Leaning Moai Rapa Nui National Park Face at Rano Raraku

Statue at Rano Raraku #2 Inside Rano Raraku Crater Moai Looking at Sunset