Kilauea Volcano

Old Chain of Crater Road Lava Flow #1 Lava Flow #2

Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawai'i is one of the most active on Earth. Floating lava from the volcano slowly, layer after layer covers the land destroying everything on its path. Eruption is also an act of creation. Lava reaching the ocean adds a new land on the south shore of the island. There is nothing challenging in seeing this volcano. We actually drove on it. Many cars were parked on the paved road that was blocked by lava flow. We parked our car and walked just a few minutes to see bloody red river of melted rock. It was just extreme heat that reminded us unusual source of this stream. Besides this it was a nice and quiet place. The area was absolutely silent.

Lava Flow #3 Hot Lava Volcanic activity

As comparison, constantly active Yasur volcano in Vanuatu erupts with more force and fury than Kilauea.