Las Vegas August 15 -16, 2012

Large American cities are mostly the underwhelming huge areas of concrete. Most of them are very similar to each other; this is why they are not on the path of our journey. During this trip, we decided to make an exception and visit Las Vegas. Why did we do that? I guess we wanted to have our own opinion about Sin City.

Hotel, Saloon ... ... an old wagon
... and jail  

On the way to Vegas, we found a bizarre Wild West village near Virgin, UT. Cartoon style tourist attraction had bank, jail, saloon, general store, etc. Only cowboys were missing. There was definitely a Western United States spirit in this place, but not that type of spirit that we were looking for.

We love that pink foam Washing Balios

Before we reached Vegas, we had to wash Balios thoroughly. We know he looks great when covered with dust and mud, but what people in town would say seeing such a dirty vehicle? The rain washed him a little; however, a decent bath in the car wash was needed.

Las Vegas
Panorama composed of three images
Casino, Casino Before the show

A quick sprint south-west and Las Vegas is visible from a distance. We found a room in the hotel on the Strip. The air in the city was so hot that while walking the streets it felt like the head was constantly under a hairdryer. There was no time to relax by the pool. In fact, we were not able to rest at all and left Vegas even more tired. In a city that is one big Disneyland, all is about money. The most important here is to spend it while shopping, in restaurants, on shows and of course in casinos. This type of entertainment is boring in the end. We were happy to set off on our journey again.

  Coke Store
Crystals Mall Wynn Casino
Canal in the Venetian Trying to rest by the pool
Gucci Store The Strip #2