Wall Street and Sand Dunes August 14, 2012

While traveling in Utah, we were fascinated by the diversity of landscape and vegetation. The otherness that often occurs every several miles or less is visible to the naked eye. This is due not only to the difference in height, but also to the unique terrain of the Colorado Plateau, which after all is the greater part of Utah. Interesting are countless canyons, cliffs, colorful rock formations, dense green forests and desert plains. The uniqueness of this area is reflected in the existence of many national and state parks. Fortunately, many of these parks provide access to the off-road travelers. This gives the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this region from a slightly different perspective.

  Douglas-fir on Wall Street
Bryce from Sunset Point
Panorama composed of seven images
Wall Street Trail Bryce Canyon

The next stop on our journey was the Bryce Canyon National Park. It is very impressive place and the trail called Wall Street is unique, but the similarity to the famous street in New York is only symbolic. The countless red rock pillars called hoodoo make this place especially interesting. It was hot and sunny when we started our hike. However, very quickly, the clouds appeared and it began to pour rain. It got a little cold. Only Balios took the advantage from the rain that washed away some dirt left after our crazy off-roading days. Before dark, we arrived at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes area. It was warm over there. Magnificent sunset gave the opportunity to take some portraits and many amazing pictures of sandy landscape.

  Countless Hoodoos
Down the Wall Street Tall Trees #1
Queen Victoria Point Climbing the Dune
With Crescent-shaped Dune in the Background On the Dune
Dune Edge #1 People on the Dune

In the middle of the night, the wailing of coyotes awakened us. Animals sniffed around our camp. Finally, Jeepís alarm triggered by a motion detector scared them for good.

  Camping near Coral Pink Sand Dunes