Outfitting your vehicle for an overland trip is important; you want to be best prepared for any unexpected situations. Unfortunately, that often leads to the fact that we pack way to many things. In our daily life, countless objects surround us. Do we really need all of them during the travels? I always think twice before packing each item. While on the road, we need to enjoy the nature and the exotic surroundings not to spend time with 'things'.


Rooftop Tent

Out of many different options for rooftop tents, I decided to replace the original JK hardtop for Ursa Minor J30. The new shell has a large bed for two adults, and when not in use, Jeep is only 6 inches / 15 cm taller.


Auxiliary Tank

Having more fuel is not such a bad thing. That gives peace of mind while driving the back roads. Both fuel tanks have total capacity of 35 gallons / 133 liters


Water Tanks

What is worth an overland vehicle without on-board running water? That feature cannot be neglected. Ordinary canisters can be a solution, but not in the long run. To enjoy adventures, you need some kind of comfort and assurance that you carry sufficient amount of water.



With so many options for the 12V refrigerators, I opted for the drawer refrigerator. It fits perfectly in the trunk behind the rear seat. There is no need for an additional slide as it is in case of conventional top opening fridges.


Hot Shower

Indispensable during long journeys, warm water facilitates washing hands, taking showering or washing dishes.


Flashlight Seat Mount

The most convenient place for a flashlight is the space under the driver's seat. You never know when you will need additional light.


Fire Extinguisher

There should always be an easy access to a fire extinguisher. Unfortunately, there is no enough space next to the driver. Using several strips cut from the old backpack I mounted fire extinguisher to the roll bar in the back.