The Evolution of Packing

While traveling, daily routine is always the same, setting up a camp, unpacking, preparing food, washing, etc. Only effective storage system can guarantee that, whatever you carry is easily accessible.

Jeep packed in a very chaotic way  

I started with a very chaotic way of packing, by simply stacking everything in the trunk, one thing on another. It was a real nightmare when unpacking. I tried to pack smarter, but there was no consistency. The only solution was to build shelves in the cargo area.

Balios packed in a less chaotic way The shelf helps a lot We are organized better

When packing items for the trip we use clear plastic storage boxes. This way we can quickly identify containers with food and cooking gear, or the one with clothing, or with shoes for example, etc. There is never a mistake. Just looking at the box we know exactly what it contains.

  Clear storage boxes