Tailgate Tray Table

A rear gate of a Jeep Wrangler is a perfect location for a small table that can be handy on many occasions.


Power Locks

Power door locks are very convenient. Wranglers do not come with central locking as a standard feature. I could not get used to the constant locking and unlocking the doors using the key.


Floor and Door Insulation

Our Jeep required some improvements that could reduce cabin noise and heat levels. The insulation increased overall travel comfort.


Rear Seat

Factory rear bench in Jeep JK is extremely uncomfortable while traveling long distances. I decided to install the bucket seat from the front of a JK.


Floor Panel

By adding a floor panel, I got quite a long flat surface. It is a good starting point for further improvements of cargo space.


Additional 12V Outlet

Our laptop works well when powered from 12V. Similarly, cell phones, camera battery charger, mp3 players, etc. I still do not find the need to have large voltage inverter to power 110V devices, but I must admit that there is always a need for more 12V power outlets in the car.

Among the changes that have become obsolete after different hardtop installation is the headliner.