The Rest August 19-20, 2012

After a long journey through the wilderness of Utah, and a busy stay in Las Vegas, time has come to rest before going back to New Jersey. Time passed slowly by the pool and in restaurants. We all enjoyed a peaceful and leisurely atmosphere.

Barrel Cactus Rest for Balios
There is outdoor A/C ... ... by the pool
Local hotel architecture Quiet place

However, in order not to waste the whole time in the hotel, we decided to visit the Taliesin West, the house built by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1937. We did it at noon, when the air temperature exceeded 105F/ 40C. Despite the heat, it was a great way to spend time and learn something about architecturally outstanding building built in the desert in Arizona.

Taliesin West
The hot day The Gate
Courtyard at Taliesin West Rear of Taliesin West