Island in the Sky August 10-11, 2012

After the night spent in Moab, we went to the Canyonlands National Park, Island in the Sky district. Before we left for the White Rim road, we checked with local rangers about road conditions, and bought official permit to travel off-road. Ahead of us, we had 90 miles of travels in canyons.

Colorado River below
Shafer Trail #1 Somewhere in Canyonlands

White Rim Road is a fantastic off-road adventure, plus amazing views. The journey begins with the Shafer Trail, many hairpin switchbacks down a steep cliff. Other interesting sections of the road are Murphy's Hogback and Mineral Bottom. The road usually leads next to the canyon rim, deeper and deeper to the next canyon level.

  Taking break on the rock
Buck Canyon

All around you can see an infinite number of various rock formations. Individual terraces include various types of rocks, such as sandstone, limestone and shale rock. Each layer eroded at different rate; hence, the huge terraces of countless canyons are created. At the bottom flow Green and Colorado rivers.

A lonely tent Camping on the Plateau

Alone we pitched our tent on one of the campsites. From dusk dozens of bats accompanied us there. Walking around the tent in the open area, sometimes we collided with some of them, nothing tragic, but still a strange feeling.

Endless Canyons Murphy's Hogback
In Whilhite slot canyon It was a muddy adventure

Along the way, Matthew with Matt held a short trip in their first in the lifetime slot canyon called Whilhite. It was very easy to go down even though the mud pits were extremely slippery and shoes almost immediately received, heavy like lead weights, a thick layer on the soles. It did not interfered in any way, but even made sliding over rocks easier. However, when we decided to come back, it turned out to be quite a daunting task. On the way up, sticky mud was no longer our ally. Taking shoes off and climbing barefoot helped a little, but not quite. All subsequent unsuccessful attempts to overcome the successive jumps ended up with a splashy landing in the muddy plunge pool. Bare feet covered with slippery grease did not easily allowed to overcome steep walls. In addition, the rock polished by water movement does not have any scratches, not to mention the cracks and crevices. There is simply nothing to grab when climbing up. Fortunately, Eva heard us calling and came to save us dropping the rope.

Driving Holeman Spring Basin Driving the wash
Under Huge Boulder Potato Bottom

In the region of the Island in the Sky, we spent two days charmed by the incredible landscapes and twisty road with many rocky climbs drops. The final part of the White Rim road led us to the banks of the River Green.

Mineral Bottom Road

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