Floor and Door Insulation

On my next expedition I expected long driving days and traveling on the desert dirt roads, all that in the middle of summer. Our Jeep required some improvements that could reduce cabin noise and heat levels, resulting in more comfortable travels. I decided to use Thermo-Tec (14620) insulation. This product contains two layers, and was designed as heat and acoustical protection mat.

Insulation: Self-adhesive Heat and Sound Suppressor
Thermo-Tec #14620 (5 rolls)

Weight added: 29 lb / 13 kg

  Thermo-Tec #14620
Floor mat removed in the the front  

I started with the floor first by taking all floor mats out. It is extremely simple task in Jeep Wrangler. No tools are required and all the seats can stay in place. It is like that by design and makes cleaning up interior easy when water or mud gets into Jeep's cabin while exploring the backcountry.

New insulation by the driver's seat Carpet removed in the rear section

Thermo-Tec mat can be easily cut with scissors. I used old paper folders to get idea about a size and shape of individual pieces to be attached to the floor. After affixing insulation to the metal surface I cut holes in Thermo-Tec mat around rubber plugs that are used to let water to run out in case the floor is flooded. It might be needed after water crossing for example.

New insulation in the rear section New insulation on the floor

The second step was adding insulation inside the doors. I removed door panels and attached heat and sound suppressor mat inside the doors. After completing this task I noticed that metal bucket echo is no longer present when front doors are being shut. I love that improvement.

The door after panel was detached New insulation inside the door

After our trip to Utah, it is still hard to say how much floor insulation helped to reduce the cabin temperature. Another improvement, the headliners also played a role in heat reduction. One thing is certain it is now quiet inside our Jeep while driving.