In about 1000 km south from the US border, we reached the northernmost tip of Mesoamerica. People called Huasteca to this day inhabit the area. The little known location called Tamuin was a ritual place with a large raised platform and several altars. One of the altars is in a phallic-shape. For Huastecas this was a representation of fertility and we can imagine that this is how that altar was dedicated. There are several murals covering this altar. This is a series of images depicting important people with rich vestments.

Entrance to main platform::Tamuin, San Luis Patosi, Mexico:: Entrance to main platform

Pyramid Staircase::Tamuin, San Luis Patosi, Mexico:: Pyramid Staircase Phallic-shaped altar::Tamuin, San Luis Patosi, Mexico:: Phallic-shaped altar Small murals::Tamuin, San Luis Patosi, Mexico:: Small murals