What we call Mesoamerica today is a region where numerous pre-Columbian societies flourished. It stretches from Central Mexico in the north to Honduras and El Salvador in the south. Over the centuries, many different cultures rose and fell, transforming gradually into newer, more advanced civilizations. Lack of sufficient knowledge about these cultures leads us to a simplified interpretation of this part of Americas. What makes Mesoamerica unique with respect to other cultures in the USA and Canada, are stone structures. Today, when we say Mesoamerica, we think of the ruins of the pyramids, which have survived. This way the diversity among many different cultures in this area is often unnoticed. We adopted a simplistic interpretation that all of them were almost the same. In fact, local communities differed quite a lot from each other and that is what we wanted to experience when planning our visits to only a few of hundreds of archaeological sites in North and Central America.

Olmec Civilization




Classic Veracruz Culture

Zapotec Civilization

Other civilizations and societies