One of many ruins of Zapotec settlements are known today as Lambityeco. There is not much to see here, only two out of almost 200 structures have been restored. Anyway, it is an interesting place because of the sculptures that can found here.

Tomb 6::Lambityeco, Oaxaca, Mexico::
Tomb 6
Sculptured Faces::Lambityeco, Oaxaca, Mexico::
Sculptured Faces
Lambityeco Reliefs::Lambityeco, Oaxaca, Mexico::
Lambityeco Reliefs

Sculptured faces found in Tomb 6 represent a couple buried there, a man by the name of One Tremor and woman Ten Cane. Figures are very realistic. This is a masterpiece of the pre-Hispanic Zapotec art. While visiting this place, we have learned that among bones found in the grave were no femurs. Lambityeco reliefs depict a noble man or Coqui carrying femur in his hand. That fact is interpreted that femurs removed from the tombs were used as a symbol of the inherited title of Coqui.

Zapotec Rain God Cocijo::Lambityeco, Oaxaca, Mexico::
Zapotec Rain God Cocijo

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