Outer Banks

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Barrier islands in North Carolina are called Outer Banks. They are mostly long stretched, deserted beaches, sand dunes and woodlands. Nearby costal waters bear the name Graveyard of the Atlantic because of hundreds of ships that have wrecked there.

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Ocracoke Island in Outer Banks was a hideout place for pirates commanded by the most famous of all, Blackbeard. This scourge of seas also known as Edward Teach or Edward Drummond and his comrades found a shelter here. On the south end of the Ocracoke Island pirates had a jolly time. They held big pirate parties right on the beach until November 1718 when after a fierce fight with British Navy, Belackbeard was killed. His beheaded body was thrown overboard. To this days deep water anchorage just outside the inlet is known as Teach's Hole.

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