Marble House

Marble House Entrance White Marble Bas-relief Marble House Fašade

Architect Richard Hunt, the American master of Beaux-Arts architecture designed the Marble House in Newport, Rhode Island (USA). His inspirations included Hellenic and French famous buildings. It was a summer house financed by William Vanderbilt, as a birthday gift for his wife Alva. Three years later, in 1895 Alva asked for a divorce, something absolutely not acceptable at their sociality at that time. William wanted to avoid the scandal and asked her to agree for living in separation. Alva refused and moved her new husband's home, a castle like mansion down the street. Multimillion dollar gift has become an unoccupied estate or rather a huge wardrobe of countless Alva's outfits.

Marble House Rear Fašade Details White Marble Corner Tea House at Marble House Grounds