Lancaster County

A boy with his dog Amish Family Buggy #3

Many residents of Lancaster County in southeastern Pennsylvania in the United States are members of conservative Christian group called Amish. They isolated themselves from the modern world by rejecting all modern inventions and using only technology of the 19th century. They speak a German dialect, known as Pennsylvania Dutch (from German Deutsch). On Sundays members of the church meet in each other's homes to celebrate a mass and to spend time together. They do not have church buildings.

Buggies and Scooter Amish Farm Buggy #2

Amish can be easily distinguished by their attire and style of living. The men wear broadbrimmed hats and do not shave they beard. The women wear bonnets, long full dresses with capes over the shoulders. No jewelry of any kind is worn, not even buttons. Amish are excellent farmers, but they refuse to use modern farm machinery. Generally they do not use gas and electricity and avoid all modern devices including bicycles and cars. They use scooters, drive horses and buggies instead. Hard work is their sense of life.

Amish Sunday

Amish Boys Children in the Buggy Buggy #1 Buggy #4