Geysers in Yellowstone

Geyser Hill #1 Hot Pool Biscuit Basin

A quarter of all the geysers in the world lie in the square mile on Geyser Hill in Yellowstone. Several of them have calculated predictions, but many are unpredictable. Every geyser has different eruption time and a period between eruptions. Daisy Geyser for example has eruption intervals 90-125 minutes, while Giant Geyser erupts several times a year.

Geyser Hill #2 Boiling Water Geyser Hill #3
Gases Around Geyser Hill #4 Little Geyser Cone

The ribbons of colors on rocks and soil around the thermal features are usually formed by by thermophiles (heat loving organisms). The most common is Cyanobacteria, which thrives in temperatures up to 73C (163F).

Sapphire Pool Thermophiles Biscuit Basin #2
Geyser Eruption Fountain Paint Pot Living Cyanobacteria

There are more than 200 geysers in Yellowstone. Many erupt to heights of 30 meters / 100 feet. Grand Geyser is the tallest predictable geyser in the world. Its eruption consists of 1-4 bursts reaching 60 meters / 200 feet.