Templo Mayor

What is now the downtown of Mexico City correlates with the ancient island in Lake Texcoco and founded in this place in 1325 the Aztecs capital of Tenochtitlan. Yes, modern Mexico City stands on the lakebed of drained wetlands and on the ruins of a completely demolished pre-Columbian city.

Templo Mayor::Mexico City, Mexico:: Templo Mayor Chacmool Figure::Mexico City, Mexico:: Chacmool Figure Bench in the Eagle Building::Mexico City, Mexico:: Bench in the Eagle Building

Tlaltecuhtli (god of the earth)::Mexico City, Mexico:: Tlaltecuhtli (god of the earth)

After the destruction of Tenochtitlan, the location of major parts of the Aztec city was forgotten. So was in the case of the Templo Mayor or Great Temple, until the second half of the 20th century. At that time, several buildings were demolished, and archeologists uncovered not only the remains the temple, but also the House of Eagles Warriors, a place where elites held their ceremonies.

Aztec Eagle Warrior::Mexico City, Mexico:: Aztec Eagle Warrior Tlaloc (rain god)::Mexico City, Mexico:: Tlaloc (rain god) Stone Skulls::Mexico City, Mexico:: Stone Skulls