Santorini Caldera

Church on the Cliff Santorini Caldera #1 Narrow Street

Village on the Caldera Rim #1

As a result of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the recorded history, island of Santorini we know today was shaped in the late Bronze Age, ca. 3,600 years ago. The collapse of the mouth of the volcano created a large water-filled caldera. Crescent-shaped bay with high cliffs over calm blue water was formed. Santorini is famous for its Cycladic whitewashed houses hanging over steep volcanic rock face. The narrow cobblestone pedestrian alleys, numerous almost vertical stairs, countless Byzantine churches and breathtaking views make Santorini a unique place.

Village on the Caldera Rim #2 Village on the Caldera Rim #3

Santorini Caldera #3 Santorini Caldera #4 Santorini Caldera #2

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