San Juan

San Jose Church Green Balcony Old San Juan Street #1

San Juan, today the capital City of Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico is one of the oldest cities in the New World. The walled city of Old San Juan is a historic precinct of narrow cobblestone streets, public squares, pastel-colored colonial buildings and even two fortresses at either end of the city. It is located at the western end of San Juan Island, surrounded by sea on three sides and laden with the atmosphere of a bygone era.

San Juan Cathedral #1 Half Pink Colonial Building San Juan Cathedral #2

The monumental 16th century fortress of El Castillo San Felipe del Morro, (usually referred as El Morro) is at the western end of the district. It repelled raids by Dutch, English and pirates led by Sir Francis Drake. It rises nearly 45m (150ft) above the sea, has walls 4.5m (15ft) thick. This fort was made with six levels of gun emplacements, ramparts, tunnels and dungeons.

El Morro #1

El Morro #2 Plaza de Colon Half Red Colonial Building

Two Balconies Yellow Colonial Building Old San Juan Street #2

Condado Isla Verde