Rosenbaum House

Rosenbaum House Street View Rosenbaum House Back View

Backyard at Rosenbaum House

There is a little known American architectural treasure standing in Florence, Alabama (USA). Saved from the destruction and almost completely rebuilt in in the early twenty-first century, the house was originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1939. Originally built for the Rosenbaum Family this design was another example of the idea of affordable housing by F. Ll. Wright. The architect promoted his own Usonian style of simple houses for middle-class families. The Usonian meant single-story relatively small dwellings with flat roof. The characteristic of this style was lack of a basement and no attic. Typical houses were L-shaped, had no garage and had limited storage space. Generally, they were low inside, but very well illuminated by natural light. For Wright, the construction of residential houses with high ceilings was simply a waste of building materials.

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