Casas Tapadas Complex #1::Pazuelas, Guanajuato, Mexico:: Casas Tapadas Complex #1

Casas Tapadas Complex #2::Pazuelas, Guanajuato, Mexico:: Casas Tapadas Complex #2 Modified Pyramid::Pazuelas, Guanajuato, Mexico:: Modified Pyramid

Historians know very little about the societies that inhabited Plasuelas and it is not exactly clear who established this city. Archaeologists use the name, the Bajio tradition. The complex consists of three fully restored pyramidal structures found at the end of a large square and the ball court on the opposite side. In Plazuelas perfectly visible is the evolution of the cultures of Mesoamerica, their development and fall, where one civilization comes after the other. Exactly the same process, as can be found in other parts of the world. Many cultures have left their footprint here. Their influence is evident in the architecture of stone buildings that were modified even three times changing their shape and style. For some of the last residents, Plazuelas was a place of worship of the gods representing earth, water, fire, and wind. The city was finally abandoned around 1000 CE.

Drainage::Pazuelas, Guanajuato, Mexico:: Drainage

Wind Spiral Symbol::Pazuelas, Guanajuato, Mexico:: Wind Spiral Symbol Three Different Styles::Pazuelas, Guanajuato, Mexico:: Three Different Styles Ballgame Marker::Pazuelas, Guanajuato, Mexico:: Ballgame Marker