Roof Detail The Olana Mansion The Main Tower

To build a house with peaceful view of Hudson River valley (upstate New York, USA) was a long lasting dream for Frederic Church, well known American landscape painter. After returning from his long voyage to Old World and Middle East he started a work on his vision. Unique in style mansion was completed in 1872. Impressed by the Arabic architecture, Church studied details of Persian buildings. Final design is the eastern looking irregular in shape, Persian architecture inspired structure. The location was no accidental. Building stands on the hill surrounded by 250 acres of land. With the passion to landscapes, Church transformed the whole area into three dimensional painting. Many trees were cut and planted; even an artificial lake was created. Clouds and sunsets over the horizon, changes of seasons, and Hudson River with Catskill Mountains in the distance are what Frederic Church cherished the most. He called his house Olana.

Double Window Roof Ornaments Pillar Ornament

Colorful Facade Persian Style Windows Olana's Piazza