New Orleans Cemeteries

An Old Tomb Italian Tomb Iron Railing

Symbolic grave of Marie Laveau, the “Voodoo Queen”

New Orleans historic cemeteries are very unique among cemeteries found in the USA. The oldest St. Luis Cemetery No. 1 was established in the eighteenth century. Existing today, labyrinth of big tombs standing above ground is the result of over the century old evolution in a way people were buried. The lack of free space required to add new vaults over existing ones. In ground burial places over the years served as foundation for new graves erected above the ground.

Numerous X signs can be found on the symbolic grave of Marie Laveau, the so-called “Voodoo Queen”. Voodoo originated as a set of spiritual folkways practiced by a group of slaves brought from Africa. It is still visible in New Orleans, and this is mainly due to the numerous shops selling countless amulets. Some tourists come to the cemeteries in organized groups to learn how to practice Voodoo. They often scratch of write three X’s on the walls of tombs. They want to believe that by doing this, their wishes will be granted.

Big Tombs St. Luis Cemetery No. 1 Labyrinth of Tombs