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When Columbus sighted Martinique it was inhabited by Carib Indians who called the island Madinina, "Island of Flowers". This island changed through centuries. Today, with its highways, traffic jams, shopping malls and thousands of tourists, Martinique in my opinion is not the Caribbean Island any more. It is part of France set in the tropics.

Les Salines::Martinique, Caribbean::
Les Salines
La Pagerie::Martinique, Caribbean::
La Pagerie

La Pagerie is a sugar plantation where Napoleon's Empress Josephine was born in 1763. The main house was completely damaged by hurricane many years ago. Today, museum occupies what is left. The stone building, once La Pagerie's kitchen stands surrounded by blooming hibiscus and has nice collection of Josephine’s personal belongings.

Everyone who wants to hit the beach on Martinique goes to Le Salines. This usually crowded beach located in the southern end of the island is widely regarded as Martinique's finest strand.

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