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Plateau in Isalo National Park Isalo Rock Formations #1

Isalo Rock Formations #2

Isalo National Park has several sections very different in its character. The plateau in Isalo is a dry area characterized by unique rock formations. Millions of years ago, this area was flooded with warm waters of the inland sea. As a result, sandstone, shale, and limestone were deposited there. For millennia, erosion carved the rocks into shapes that we admire today. You can find there many fossils of marine origin.

The forested part of Isalo is a home for several, unique to Madagascar lemur species like sifaka and red-fronted lemur. Hiking trails in the region lead to waterfalls and ponds.

Sifaka Lemur #1 Sifaka Lemur #2 Red-fronted Lemur #1 Red-fronted Lemur #2

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