Fort Stanwix

Dry Ditch at Fort Stanwix Embrasure View

Southeast Bastion

Fort Stanwix (New York, USA) is a reconstruction of the defense structure which was erected on the old Indian trail. The path called Oneida Carrying Place was a trade link between Atlantic Ocean and Lake Ontario. During the American Revolutionary War the fort was attacked by British troops seeking its way to the south. After 21 days British abandoned the siege, in order to avoid a confrontation with the approaching American Continental Army.

It is worth mentioning that the besieging forces at Fort Stanwix included in its ranks not only regular British soldiers, American Loyalists and Indians, but also hired Hessian soldiers from the German region of Hesse-Hanau. British Crown simply realized that it is cheaper to hire foreign troops, than pay to recruit its own citizens.

Casemate Windows Line of Fraise (sharpened stakes) Rampart