Zapotec ruins of Dainzu you can explore on our own. We were able to walk anywhere we wanted, no designated paths, no fences, no other tourists around.

Templo Amarillo::Dainzu, Oaxaca, Mexico:: Templo Amarillo The Grave::Dainzu, Oaxaca, Mexico:: The Grave Ballcourt::Dainzu, Oaxaca, Mexico:: Ballcourt

Dainzu meaning “Hill of Cactus Plants” reached its zenith between 600 B.C. and 200 A.D. Settlement built on a hillside faced the west. Some tombs, religious buildings and a ball court have been restored. The most interesting of them is Templo Amarillo or Yellow Temple, a small stone structure with front patio and two columns. The entire building was originally painted yellow, what indicates its religious significance.

The Rain God Relief::Dainzu, Oaxaca, Mexico:: The Rain God Relief