Central Park

East Green Man with Trumpet

Central Park is the largest of Manhattan’s parks. It contains several lakes, open-air theater, ZOO and skating-rink. Its landscapes were created from barren swampland in the end of 1850’s. It took over $14 million to build the Park. Alaska was bought from Russia approximately at the same time for half of this amount.

In Central Park you can find a monument founded in 1939 by Polish-Americans and dedicated to Polish King Ladislaus II Jagiello. The inscription: "King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania. Founder of free union of the peoples of east and central Europe. Victor over the Teutonic aggressors at Grunwald July 15, 1410."

King Ladislaus II Jagiello Monument

Great Lawn Wollman Rink Bethesda Fountain

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