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The celebration field in Bori (Tana Toraja, Sulawesi Indonesia) contains a number of megaliths. Standing to this today are 102 stones erected between probably between 17th century (no written records exist on this) and year 1962. Megalith called by Torajan as simbuang batu reflects the family status through its size and height. The largest of the stones standing in Bori rises to over 5 meters.

Photos show Bori Kalimbuang on the last day before the funeral.

Bori Kalimbuang

Albino Buffalo Bori Megaliths Bori Celebration Field

For Toraja people funeral is the most important ceremony in the person's life cycle. Interment preparations always take many months or even years. Time is needed to save money for the extremely costly event. The buffalo is almost a currency in Tana Toraja; its value depends on the size of a buffalo's horns and skin color. The most prized are so-called albino buffalo with pink skin and blue eyes. The number of buffalo killed at the funeral reflects the family status. The noble families have to slaughter at least 24 buffaloes.

Toraja Wood Carving Torajan Girl Buffalo Horns