Black Bear Pass

Black Bear Pass Trailhead Alpine Valley Picnic #2 Black Bear Pass 12,840ft

Panoramic View of Alpine Valley
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Black Bear Pass Road is widely considered to be one of the most spectacular roads in Colorado and even in the whole United States. It is also one of the most dangerous due to narrow shelf segments and unnerving drop-offs. It is usually open for a few months in late summer and is driven one way from Route 550 near Ouray to Telluride. Driving this road is not just the thrill of overcoming the hardships and dangers, but also a great experience of traveling in the high mountains, and the possibility of enjoining the phenomenal views.

Ingram Basin
Panorama composed of six images
Slow Descent

I drove Black Bear Pass in summer 2012. You can read my story and see more pictures in my Off-road Expeditions section.

Checking the Road #2 Climbing Down the “Steps” Driving the Vertical Cliff #1

Driving the Vertical Cliff #2 On the Way Down The House on Bridal Veil Falls