Alaska's Interior

Alaska's Interior is a vast region mostly covered by tundra. It is a home of Denali National Park and the Yukon River. A century ago the discovery of gold lured men a women to this region. Today, golden dreams are history, but the adventure spirit is still around.

Black Spruce Lazy Yukon River Yukon River in Circle

Yukon River flows 3037 km (1,875 miles) through the middle of the Alaska's Interior region to the Bering Sea. It is the longest river in Alaska, but there are only two places where you can drive a car to see the Yukon. We reached the river in Circle, tiny community (population of 107) at the end of the dirt road. Years ago gold rush miners thought that they camped at the Arctic Circle, so the name. Actually the location is 78 km (48 miles) south of the Arctic Circle.

Alaska Range in Denali Tundra in Denali Moose

Wonder Lake

Denali National Park is the most visited park in Alaska. The highest mountain in North America located in the park rises at 6,195 m (20,320 ft). It is called Mount McKinley but name Denali meaning "The Great One" is still used by natives and locals.

Caribou One More Glacier On the Trail

There are about 10,000 glaciers in the world outside polar region. More than a half of this is located in Alaska.