What we do during our working hours determines what we have; what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are.

George Eastman

Traveling is not about visiting places. It is like reading a book about different cultures. This gives us knowledge to understand other people.
Photography captures a moment, helps to prevent our remembrance. It uncovers the way we see the world.
Travel Photography is not just taking pictures, it is about making them to be part of the travel story.

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Berlin Wall

With the closure of the inner German border in 1952, West Berlin became the main route by which East German citizens left for the West. By 1961 approximately 20% of total population of the GDR (German Democratic Republic) migrated to the West. To prevent further mass emigration, in August 1961 the East German government began construction of the wall around the whole West Berlin.

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Rhode Island

The smallest in area of all states in the USA, the state of Rhode Island is one of the most densely populated. It is not an island as the name may suggest. It is located on the continent, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and has many large bays and inlets.

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Quebec in Winter

Quebec in winter time charms its visitors with local passion for the outdoors. People spend time ice skating, sledding or just walking with snow crunching underfoot.

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Fort Wadsworth

Through the past centuries a group of several military fortifications on both sides of the Narrows protected New York City from attack by sea. Costal defense complex of today Fort Wadsworth contains many military structures.

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West Orange

From the outside, these are traditional factory buildings from the early twentieth century. The complex does not include anything that would attract the attention of passerby’s. Red brick walls and long rows of identical windows create the monotony. The lack of any interesting architectural features is the characteristics of the surviving buildings of the former laboratory of Thomas Edison in West Orange.