Mesa Verde August 7, 2012
Two towers of Cliff Palace
Kiva Entrance  

Mesa Verde National Park is a place that we really wanted to visit, although it is quite a popular tourist attraction. This famous place is a large archaeological park with many cliff dwellings erected by the Ancestral Puebloans who lived there between 550 and 1300 AD. We spent the whole day exploring the most impressive dwellings. The day was hot, with a complete lack of humidity in the air causing a constant thirst in our throats. We drank gallons of water. Early in the afternoon, we went back to our tent in National Park campground.

Kiva in Spruce Tree House #1 Kiva in Spruce Tree House #2
T-shaped Doorway #1 Cliff Palace Buildings
Cliff Palace View #3
Panorama composed of three images
Kiva in Balcony House
Square Tower House Rectangle Shaped Doorway
Balcony House View