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Worn-out Swiss Army school backpack was suitable to throw away, but many unusual features of this bag, which I decided to use, intrigued me. This way, I got a grab handle; I used a number of straps to form a special fire extinguisher mount. Internal pocket can serve as a handy storage for small items under the steering wheel. Also, very handy are backpack’s side pockets as well as internal compartments.

  Old Backpack::Matt’s worn-out school backpack::
Grab Handle::Backback handle is converted into rear seat grab handle::  

Rear Grab Handle

The backpack’s handle can be used as a grab handle. The installation was very easy and consisted of using the existing bolts.

Fire Extinguisher Mount::Rollbar is a convenient storage place for fire extinguisher::  

Fire Extinguisher Mount

To mount the fire extinguisher I used several strips cut from the backpack. I have sewn them together to keep a fire extinguisher in an almost vertical position. In order to attach the extinguisher to the roll bar, I used two extra wide Velstraps (Velcro straps).

Driver's Storage Pocket::I managed to obtain additional space for storing small objects::  

Driver's Storage Pocket

Using Velcro fasteners, I attached backpack's inner lockable pocket under the steering wheel. It serves perfectly as a place for wallet, sunglasses, or other small items.

Rear Storage Pockets::I managed to obtain additional space for storing small objects::  

Rear Storage Pockets

I attached two backpack’s side pockets on both sides of the rear window. They serve as easy access location for gloves, cloth, automotive pressure gauge, etc.