Gros Morne Aug 5, 2011
Panoramic View from Berry Hill
Bonne Bay View Lobster Cove
Boat in Western Brook Pond Western Brook Pond Cliffs

I was tired of terrible rainy weather of the previous day. I learned that it is like that throughout the summer on the east coast of Newfoundland and no improvement in weather was forecasted. The west coast had a much better aura, so I decided to move ahead leaving the eastern side of the island behind. My next stop was the mountainous region of Gros Morne. Being here, I walked a short Berry Hill trail taking a panorama picture of the area from the top. The main goal however was the Western Brook Pond, a fjord like valley with cliffs reaching 600 meters /2000 ft. A beautiful place gives a real "feel the fjord" experience..

Western Brook Pond Resting on the Beach