Prince Edward Island July 15, 2011
Confederation Bridge at Sunset Camping on PEI

We reached the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island - often simply called PEI - at sunset. The best way to get there is by crossing a bridge that is 13 km / 8 miles long. There is of course a toll and to my knowledge the Confederation Bridge connecting PEI to New Brunswick is the most expensive bridge in the Americas (43.25 USD round trip). Prior to arrival, I have heard some interesting stories about this island and of course, a book, "Anne of Green Gables" was known to me, at least from the title. Eva read many of Lucy Montgomery’s books in the past, and clearly, her expectations were high from our visit here.

  Unusual Mailbox
Old Lobster Pot North Rustico Beach
At Cousin's Shore Cousin's Shore Beach
Green Fields  

During our stay, it was cold with some rain showers. We spent our time exploring the northern part of the island around Cavendish. We liked the green, rolling hills and walks on the beach. In my opinion however, PEI has nothing unique in itself. There are very few charming places. Similar beaches, the same landscape, the identical villages can be seen in many other coastal areas of Canada. Not being able to find anything better, we decided to visit the Green Gables. The place is related to a famous writer and is the main attraction of Prince Edward Island. However, it is just the house on the farm, like many others. There is no real adventure on the island and there is no unique experience. The smallest Canadian province has left in us the least interesting memories. We were happy to leave PEI to seek adventures elsewhere.

Green Gables Farm Victorian Tableware