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Black hardtop gets extremely hot in the summer. Cabin is often warmer than the surrounding area. The roof gets sometimes so hot that there is no way to touch it from the inside. We need quite a bit of time to cool down the interior of the vehicle, even when the A/C is running at full power. This was the main reason why I have purchased Hothead Headliner Kit. It contains 4 roof panels and 2 rear side panels.

Parts used:

  1. Hothead Headliner Kit
    (Velcro attachment)
  2. 50:50 mixture of alcohol and water
  Hothead Headliners Kit

To clean the surface before installation I used a mixture of alcohol and water, as recommended on Hothead Headliners website. Velcro adhesive tapes are easy to work with and installation was quick. All panels fit perfectly. The new look is impressive, and the temperature inside a Jeep is lower. Additional benefit is the reduced inside noise level which improves overall interior acoustics. Listening to the music is more fun now.

Before headliners are installed Headliners in grey color