Front Grab Handle

Parts used:

  1. Thermo-plastic handle with nylon webbing
  2. Velcro strap
The handle I have purchased::Thermo-plastic handle with nylon webbing::
The handle I have purchased
Grab Handle ready to be mounted::Velcro strap sewn with the handle::
Grab Handle ready to be mounted

Simple thermo-plastic handle with nylon webbing, usually used to carry a luggage or larger items is suitable for installation in Jeep JK. It can be attached with screws in the existing opening on one side; using Velcro strap sewn with the handle and looped around the roll bar on the other. New handle makes it easier to get in and out.

Front Grab Handle::Handle is attached using a screw in the existing opening::
Front Grab Handle
Both Front Grab Handles::A strap is looped around the roll bar::
Both Front Grab Handles

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